Our Technique


Whether you're  a first timer or your beginning to feel like a chiropractic groupie you will see and feel the difference from the very first contact. We designed it that way, no  smoke and  mirrors, no dogs or ponies (they were just too  messy).  Just a comfortable and  professional atmosphere dedicated to getting you better and keeping you better - Guaranteed.



 Our  process  is quick  and  easy.


Our  terms are fair and  flexible.


Our  results (and Patients) speak for themselves.


Read on,  learn, enjoy and  feel confident that your  making informed decisions for your  future care.

More About Gonstead

 What Your Care Looks Like...Results Matter


The  Gonstead Story

By 1973  Dr. Gonstead was a legend, celebrating 50 years  as a chiropractor. His dedication included seeing patients 6 1/2  days  a week, often for 18 hours a day.  His had also developed the  biggest Chiropractic complex in the  world featuring an  airstrip, hotel and restaurant. The  59,000 sq. foot  clinic with a 150-seat waiting room was specifically designed to handle the  more than 1000  patients a day that came from as far away  as France and Belgium to this  tiny town, in  the  middle of Wisconsin. His continuous research, development and practice continue to be the foundation of the  chiropractic method that bares his  name today.